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You Need The MRO!

Thursday 30th July 2009

“. . . it cannot be overemphasized that without confirmatory testing and careful medical review, treating the results of urine drug screening as evidence of drug use is unacceptable and scientifically indefensible.” p.192

“Recommendation: Persons reviewing test results should be required to demonstrate expertise with respect to toxicology, pharmacology, and occupational medicine. Standards should be set and continuing education and certification should be required. Such individuals should be involved in the interpretation of the results of drug-testing programs, and in the case of positive postemployment tests, should assist other professional staff in interpreting the seriousness of revealed drug use and provide guidance in determining the best course of action for coping with any drug problems (e.g., evaluation referral to proper medical specialist if needed).” p.13

Quotations from: Under the Influence?: Drugs and the American Work Force (1994)

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