About The MRO

Dr Trevor Maze is The MRO.  He has almost a quarter of a century experience in the practice of medicine. Well over half that time has been spent in the specialty of occupational medicine.  Most of his earlier career involved the daily practical application of pharmacological and toxicological knowledge in clinical practice. His work as a Medical Review Officer (MRO) pulls together both of these strands of experience.

The MRO is available to advise your business on the formulation and implementation of workplace testing for alcohol and other substances of abuse.  If you already have a testing programme in place, but do not have access to an appropriately trained MRO, he would be delighted to help.

Remember that you do not need The MRO for all drug testing, but only for review of the positive results. This specialist service is therefore only a modest part of the overall cost of your workplace drug testing programme:

  • MRO, non-negatives only £70
  • MRO, negative specimens £5
  • MRO, bundled rate (negs and non-negs) £18

Call The MRO today to discuss your requirements.

Dr Trevor Maze


t:   +44 28 9332 3341

m: +44 778 222 4890 (text messages)

f:   +44 870 134 0714

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