Resources & Web Links

Chain Of Custody Collection Services Northern Ireland’s leading provider of workplace alcohol and drugs testing Independent workplace alcohol and drug testing provider, English

Accreditation Services The United Kingdom Accreditation Service accredits laboratories to provide traceable calibrations and measurements

Accredited Laboratories Randox Laboratories is an international clinical diagnostics company Quantum Diagnostics is the leading independent provider of drug testing products and services to healthcare professionals

Analytical Toxicologists Professional organization formerly known as the London Toxicology Group

Human Resource & Policy Advice

Occupational Health Providers environMED is a specialist medical practice concentrating on work-related health matters Regular comment for managers on workplace health issues

Northern Ireland Northern Ireland Drugs and Alcohol Campaign The Northern Drugs and Alcohol Co-Ordination Team (NDACT) is one of four Drug & Alcohol Co-Ordination Teams in Northern Ireland Workplace Drugs And Alcohol Policies Business guide to substance abuse

Great Britain A list of drugs controlled under the UK misuse of drugs legislation HSE guidance on workplace drug and alcohol misuse DrugScope is the UK’s leading independent centre of information and expertise on drugs

Republic of Ireland The National Documentation Centre on Drug Use is a unique Irish information resource for researchers, policy makers, and people working in the areas of drug or alcohol use and addiction, or related fields.

Europe The European Workplace Drug Testing Society have prepared guidelines for Legally Defensible Workplace Drug Testing


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